In the recent time of Global turbulence due to several political, economical, social as well as environmental upheavals, the state of West Bengal is equally affected and in search of ways out to see a better day. In this prevailing situation when the educated, enlightened section of this society is put on the frontier to save their existence, the poorer section feels helpless not knowing what to do or where to go! They find no other way than succumb to the fate or drift along the path left for them by the privileged section of this society.

For the last few years the nature is also showing tremendous abnormality which invites the curse of all evils against the nature as well as the humankind which is going beyond control. And it is needless to mention that the poorer people are mostly affected section of the society.

In this juncture, we are relentlessly trying to stand beside the weaker, vulnerable section of the society to survive against all odds of life. We have been working in this field since 1999, and have plans to continue the same in future to make this state a more inhabitable place for all creeds.