UNIQUE SEARCH is basically formulated for the policy research both in theory and applied nature, technically it may be mentioned to enhance the activities on socio-economic development of the down trodden people of the society on the basis of empirical research.


UNIQUE SEARCH keeps its focus firm on promoting literacy and furthering of education with emphasis on vocational training programmes to enable the rural people to persue various alternative livelihood to strenghthen the purchasing capacity of the poor and BPL group, organizing rehabilitation programmes for the down trodden people and to provide them with basic medical facilities at their door-step through suitably structured welfare programmes. Besides, as environment plays a key role in the life of the rural people, development of consciousness about the environmental issues is also viewed as an urgent need.

Since its inception, it has made significant contributions in the areas like education, women empowerment, family counseling, and development of the poor people of the rural, semi-urban and urban areas including the neglected sectors like OBC, Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes. From the very beginning UNIQUE SEARCH chose to continue its work in the coastal area of Sundarbans which has long been suffering from indescribable poverty due to innumerable natural calamities. It is also working in the fields of HIV/AIDS prevention and control, different environmental issues as well as arranging programmes of climate change, food security, water security, energy security and proper management of urbanization.

UNIQUE SEARCH functions as an implementing agency as well as a consultative group. It has started its work from its inception with Prof. Rabindra Singh and Prof. Krishna Mohan, both lecturers in sociology of K.S.Mahila College, Aurangabad, Bihar, with a project of social integration of scheduled cast on Patna Nagar Ki Harijan Mahilaye. We have also worked with Prof. Rajaram Singh and Dr. S.N. Singh, lecturer in Sociology, A.M.College, Gaya with a project of leadership problems in college youths. It has continued with the other projects like preparation of socio-economic profile of Sikkim along with the seminar organized by Charles Camera Margao, Goa. We have also worked and participated in the HIV and AIDS preventyion and controlled programme with thrust on development of sound-health culture under the Asian Women's Human Rights Council along with healthcare of Mother and child with prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS at the railway line's slums and jute mill labour colonies of Dum Dum and Barackpore locality through hired mobile- clinics at periodic intervals. We have also worked on policy research for rehabilitation of prostitution, taking the observation of the prostitution in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Phillipines upto 2006 along with promoting and enabling environment for proper economic growth with reference to the protection of child labour. It is well-known that our field of activities is widely prevalent in our areas.