Our present activities:

i) Promotion of Literacy and development of expertise through vocational training Programmes.

ii) Promotion of Health care through periodic check-up at the village camps and basic treatment through Mobile Clinic, Awareness Programmes for prevention of health hazards.

iii) Environment Awarness regarding Climate Change, Prevention and its action plan.

Our Target Group: Community, Household and Individuals

Our Target Area: Rural, semi-urban, Urban and coastal area.

Our Main Slogan: No exploitation, No starvation, No uncared person.

Our Vision

To make good people better society the pollution free environment. To challenge the social inequalities and empower the vulnerable by enabling them to help themselves.

Our Mission

To mobilize the helpless people of our target area and train them to combat illiteracy. Ignorance, to improve health and hygiene and to equip them with expertise to pursue various alternate livelihood and present them a better sustainable environment. We believe that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible, provided there is willingness to go that extra mile to achieve the target.